Hi everyone,

This is my first ever website which I hope to show my Photography and my Drawings to you all.

I would like to say first off that writing isn’t really the best thing I am good at.

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was young and at school, which I absolutely hated.

I can tell you how much I hated it. I was bullied at school by the other kids and a few of the hateful teachers. I didn’t finish high school, I left at the very beginning of year 12, and started working as a dental assistant.

My true love has and will always be Photography and Drawing. I bought my first camera at 16yrs and have never looked back. With my Art I feel that I am always looking at things up close and at different angles.

I love nature and beautiful animals. I love colour and and the unusual side of things. Amazingly I love to read and to watch all the amazing shows that are now available to watch and download.

Through my website I hope to share my art work and love of things I see around me. I would love to hear back from anyone who wishes to comment on art and Photography.

My next blog will be on my experience being involved with Head On Photography and my Exhibition at ArtShine Gallery in Chippendale.

Julie Ellitt